• You Are What You Drink!

    So what does that mean, You Are What You Drink?

    It’s really very simple.  If you are doing your green vegetable and fruit smoothies with coconut water and using Maximum Vibrance Powder at least once, if not twice a day then you are reaping all of the health benefits every single day and most likely feeling at the top of your game.

    If you are instead drinking diet soda’s and very little to no water everyday then I bet your NOT feeling your best!

    Usually the person  who is drinking soda’s (whether diet or not) and no water and surviving on high caffeinated beverages throughout the day to stay alert is someone who is not taking care of there temple…there body!  And I would bet you have a problem maintaining your energy levels on a daily basis.  My guess would be with this daily disservice you are doing to your body, your probably ready to crash around 3:00 in the afternoon. Right? Change your drinking habits and you potentially can change your life!

    Do you know that some auto mechanics use coke to clean carburetors? Well it’s true. Imagine what those choices in liquid dietary allowance is doing to your stomach lining every single day . No wonder stomach cancer is rampant in our society. Hmmmm….makes you think!

    Now alcohol…thats another force to be reckoned with.  All the hub bub that red wine is healthy because of the antioxidant protection reservetrol – while that may be true in moderate dosages –  clearly it’s not about a bottle of red wine a night. First of all just the sugar intake alone will wreek havoc on the body and cause tremendous distention of the belly and weight gain. Then the actually alcohol percentage over a period of time can effect your brain and ability to function properly. Have you ever had to much wine to drink and felt tipsy? How did you feel the next day? Not so good I presume. Alcohol in massive dosages is like putting toxic waste in your body. Your vital organs will talk to you.  Have you ever had a hangover headache. I think your brain is trying to tell you something. Stop!

    My challenge to those of you who need to clean up there “drinking habits”, I want you to stop the toxic liquids for 2 weeks! Here is a list of what those might be:

    1. Diet soda

    2. Sugary soda

    3. Energy drinks

    4. Coffee in large quantities

    5. Alcohol

    Drink only green vegetable and fruit smoothies with a scoop of Maximum Vibrance and purified water for one week.  I will allow one cup of black coffee per day. Do not.. I repeat ..Do Not put cream or sugar in your coffee and keep a daily journal of how you feel.

    Please let me know.  And if you need a sponsor call me I will gladly help you lick the toxin beverage drinking habit!


    Live With Passion!

    Sandi ~

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