• Trends in Fitness

    There are always gonna be new and improved trends for losing weight, toning up and getting lean. Bottom line is you must want to be healthy for the rest of your life! How you get there whether old trends or new trends just get there and stay there.
    Providing you are exercising correctly, eating good wholesome nutrition and juicing you will always be at your ideal weight and shape.
    I created a product many years ago called Cardio In A Can. It was a jumprope system with a complete 30 minute jumprope workout. My point is that you can get a workout anywhere you don’t need expensive equipment to do it!
    Look how lean boxers are and take a look at there workout program. In order to keep body fat at a minimum they jump rope!
    Power walking, stair climbing or jogging will also keep you fit and lean providing your diet is in check too.
    You should also add in weight bearing exercises for healthy muscle tone and bone density.

    Contact me with any questions you may have concerning your exercise program.

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