• Look Back To Look Forward

    What does that mean? Look back to look forward. It means you must go within in order to connect with your true passions and desires. This means to shut off your mind so you can hear your heart speak. You will find things that bring you meaning. Listen to your inner voice its always talking to you. Most times we don’t listen and so we miss valuable information about our desires.

    Meditation is a wonderful way to go inward so that you can slow down,tune in and spend time with yourself.

    Here a some questions to reflect on to get the ball rolling.
    1. What gives you energy?
    2. What makes you happy?
    3. What do you love most about yourself?

    It is best to meditate in the weeeee hours of the morning. I recommend getting a meditation CD. This always helps to get you centered and focused on being still and letting your mind shut down. When your mind is quiet you will be amazed as to what you will find out about yourself.

    Remember life happens when you take action. Self discovery is always trial and error. We are works in progress.
    Stay green and keep growing. If ever you feel your ripe then you are rotting. Stay Green!

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