• Flu & Cold Season is Upon Us … Is Your Body Ready?

    With October already here and coming in with some colder temps and rainy days I recommend pre-fortification of your body with this juice formula. As we know there is no immediate cure for common cold & flu. It needs to be treated internally. For the flu, your doc might suggest pills or a syrup to fight off the virus. But why become a slave to medication when you can cure yourself or even prevent these viruses with vegetable juice?
    Here is the formula I recommend: Carrot 8 tbsp + orange 8 tbsp + lemon 2 tbsp + 4 cloves of garlic
    Why? Carrots, oranges and lemons are a great source of natural vitamin C. Garlic is well-known as nature’s antibiotic and hence can treat common cold and aid in faster recovery.

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