• Ebola Is Coming. Are You Fortified With Good Nutrition?

    Ebola is a serious problem and only getting worse. There is no antidote to date. Ebola will attack a vulnerable immune system. If you are nutritionally fortified and I mean every cell in your body is really protected you will probably have less of a chance of contracting the deadly virus.
    Here is my recommendation. Start pulverizing vegetables with water based fruit, coconut water and adding Maximum Vibrance Superfood Powder using a NUTRA-BULLET blender. I use this Maximum Vibrance Superfood-Vitamin Powder daily and feel that my body is fortified with all the proper nutrients so that I have a better chance of warding off virus, diseases and foreign bacteria. This product is amazing. You can view it on my website. Just take a look at all of the nutrients in this product. There are no fillers all pure super foods, vitamins and minerals. Its worth the cost!! For every order I donate 5% to no kill animal shelters.

    In addition:
    1.eat clean nutritious organic foods. Fresh only! No processed, canned or bagged goods at all! PERIOD!!!!!
    2. drink lots of filtered water with fresh lemon.
    3. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. High Intensity Cardio and weight baring exercises will do the trick.
    4. Get plenty of sleep. At least 7-9 hours per night of sound sleep.

    This is the absolute best we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick.

    When God created man he also created the Amazon Forest which has everything to combat diseases and sickness. We are just tapping into the power of fruits and vegetables. Stay cutting edge with your dietary needs and you will feel
    amazing at any age!


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