Sandi Berger is a certified fitness trainer, certified health coach, certified life coach and published author

Sandi Berger is the author of – FITNEVISION GET A FIT MIND AND A FIT BODY.

She is a force of high energy who is absolutely motivated to achieve success with her clients. Her 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry speaks for itself. She is very driven and very positive in her approach. Her understanding of the body in relation to muscle and emotion has intrigued many of her clients with much success.

You see, Sandi’s motto is “Create your lifestyle vision starting from the inside out first.” You have to want it to create it!
Sandi can help you understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise so that you can have vitality, energy to look and feel your best as you move through the decades of your life!

What you do in this decade prepares you for the next!

See It! Believe It! Seize It! Become It! is her mantra for getting what you want in your life.

Her high energy and positive outlook on life is contagious. One session with Sandi whether it is about exercise, health coaching or life coaching she will leave you wanting more.

Now you have no excuse. You can book a session with Sandi for fitness training, health coaching or life coaching through 2 options.

1. one on one training in your home or office or on Skype. Health Coaching and Life Coaching can be done by phone consultations.

2. Skype coaching is excellent anywhere. using a Smartphone, Android or tablet you can have a session wherever you choose. Home, office or even on vacation.

One decision has the power to change your life! We design our lives by the thoughts we think and the choices we make. Your life is exactly where it is based on your decisions leading up to this very moment. If you unhappy make the decision now to change it!

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change contact Sandi and lets get you started on your journey to health and happiness.

My program for lifestyle change is easy. Think of the word L.E.A.N. Here is what it stands for:

L ifestyle changes

E xercise and movement for at least 30 minutes a day. I have a ton of exercises so you’ll never get bored

A ttitude you will learn how to adjust your mind set

N utrition  learn about eating clean real foods to stay naturally lean

Health coaching and fitness training often go hand in hand for outstanding and long lasting results!

Sandi Berger