• You Are What You Drink!

    So what does that mean, You Are What You Drink? It’s really very simple.  If you are doing your green vegetable and fruit smoothies with coconut water and using Maximum Vibrance Powder at least once, if not twice a day then you are reaping all of the health benefits every single day and most likely

  • Bucket List

    How many of you have created your bucket list? I think its important to have goals not only for business but in life. What do you want to accomplish before your die? Do you want to be on your death bed saying coulda woulda shoulda? My personal preference is to slide into the next dimension,

  • Flu & Cold Season is Upon Us … Is Your Body Ready?

    With October already here and coming in with some colder temps and rainy days I recommend pre-fortification of your body with this juice formula. As we know there is no immediate cure for common cold & flu. It needs to be treated internally. For the flu, your doc might suggest pills or a syrup to