• Ebola Is Coming. Are You Fortified With Good Nutrition?

    Ebola is a serious problem and only getting worse. There is no antidote to date. Ebola will attack a vulnerable immune system. If you are nutritionally fortified and I mean every cell in your body is really protected you will probably have less of a chance of contracting the deadly virus. Here is my recommendation.

  • Trends in Fitness

    There are always gonna be new and improved trends for losing weight, toning up and getting lean. Bottom line is you must want to be healthy for the rest of your life! How you get there whether old trends or new trends just get there and stay there. Providing you are exercising correctly, eating good

  • Look Back To Look Forward

    What does that mean? Look back to look forward. It means you must go within in order to connect with your true passions and desires. This means to shut off your mind so you can hear your heart speak. You will find things that bring you meaning. Listen to your inner voice its always talking